Cecilia Mauries was born in Mexico City, and began making jewelry in the year 2000

Working on her own brand. Two years later she began to work for a renowned Mexican brand and several years later for some other brands, always developing her talent and her appreciation for design in jewelry, also venturing in saddlery, sewing and other crafts implying manual skills. The mix of these skills gives good results for clients and in corporate designs where she has carried out alternate jobs always adjusting their different focus on design.

Her love of life, nature, positivism and meditation make it possible for her intuition and imagination to flow into her free performance as creative accessory designer. Her serenity and calmness always allow her to obtain beautiful results through patience. As end goal, she wants to be able to transmit satisfactions to her clients and encounters beyond the visual aspect.


A bracelet, a ring, a necklace represents a being. It is an extension of oneself and since each being is unique, it deserves a unique piece. You give history to it.

My love for nature has led me to materialize accessories that are accompanied with elements such as semiprecious stones, pearls, leather, vermeil silver, rhodium and pink gold plating to provide different presentations; always with our fine metal called “silver”. Each design is conceived first in my imagination and later put into effect through my free restlessness connecting me with nature to mix later with goldsmith techniques thus materializing the adequate elements that will generate a unique experience for you.

In my appreciation for design, I use through carefully crafted compositions and finishing, pieces that give life to a handcrafted proposal which is warm, timeless and inspirational, including sophisticated and characteristic tones. Each creation has a story to tell and transmit energy to you by artisan hands and with complete Mexican pride.

Each proposal may be identified by an exquisite theme given to us by the universe called “mother nature”; there is magic thanks to it, creating my inspiration which has movement, color, freedom, and has life being worn by that person looking for authenticity, and who appreciates and falls in love with each creation.

Finally, creating an experience for you that has been designed to transport you to fulfillment just like the one given to you when listening to the conch. A conch that you find on the beach and you feel it gives you good luck or you see a coral in the bottom of the sea and you are astonished, because of its splendor or when you see an animal that is rarely sighted and you are illusioned because of its beauty, or a puppy such as your pet that accompanies you, gives you friendship, and tenderness. It is a charm where you lay your hope or a phrase that fills you with good vibes, love, peace and positive energy. A creation that connects you with a moment, an action, a gift. Something that belongs amid your most precious treasures. Who knows? … Maybe in a thought you find an illusion or just gives you something to rest your mind, when you touch it, it leads you to ask for a wish and transports you to a place in your imagination to become a reality.

It is with this passion that I love to design for those who enjoy the moment, who live here and now!