Check our decalogue of advice and care that we recommend for your jewelry since it is not the same to wear them in the city or in the beach. Take care of them as if they were an extension of yourself, with delicacy and love you will be able to give them a longer life span.

· When you receive your jewelry, we include a very soft bag to keep it and a small felt blanket to clean it after you take it off.

· It is better not to shuffle it with other jewelry to prevent getting them entangled or scratched.

· Do not use creams, perfumes or chemical products over your jewelry since they may rust or stain it, this will help the durability of the gold or rhodium plating.

· Do not expose your jewelry to long periods of sunshine, artificial light, pools, sea or cleaning products that may harm and blacken your jewelry. This will reduce abrasions, and will extend the polish, the gold and rhodium plating will last longer if it has it.

· If by any chance it was exposed to chemicals, you may rinse it with water and dry it very well afterwards. Remember to store it after it is perfectly dry otherwise it may turn yellowish.

· Each piece in very good conditions of wear may last up to one year at most; however, it depends on factors such as your skin’s pH (acidity index) and the care we recommend to increase or reduce its durability.